CV Marta Martín English

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Born in Castellón, she begins her artistic formation with six years old in classic dance and
Spanish dance in different academies of her city. At the age of eleven she starts
developing her musical formation based on the percussion.

In 1996 she begins in the interpretation and years later she starts working with different
professional companies of theatre of street realizing national and European tours as
actress and long-legged.

In 2001 she travels to Havana (Cuba) where she works with professionals of theatre of
street and where it realizes diverse workshops complementing her artistic formation.

From 2002, she arranges her work being formed in of the circus arts, music,
contemporary dance, jazz, hip-hop and funky with national and international professionals
and collaborating in different events with diverse companies of dance, theatre and circus.

She is qualified in the School of Scenic Arts of Sevilla (2005-2007) in whose final project
of career obtains the prize to the best feminine interpretation in Muestra de Teatro de
Castilleja de la Cuesta (Sevilla)

She has been employed as actress at different shorts and collaborated for television
programs as " Los Morancos " of TVE, as choreographer and art director at theatrical
assemblies of street and as assistant at different festivals of scenic arts, emphasizing her
skill in the technologies of malabares, stilts, monocycle and scenic skating.

She has worked as actress - dancer and creative musical in the company of dance of
street " LA FURTIVA" in the tour of her first spectacle winning ESFÈRIC of the prize "
Valladolid TAC proposes’09”, candidate for the Prize Max spectacle revelation '09 for the
Valencian Community and winner to the best spectacle of theatre of street in the Premis
Abril '10 of Valencia.

Like a teacher she has given workshops and courses of dance, theatre, circus and
percussion both for adults and for children.

By means of her musical knowledge she is interested for the image realizing audio-visual
creations for different projects.

Nowadays she lives in Castellón. She is the musical director of the company of dance -
theatre-music A TEMPO DANSA where she works also as actress - dancer and of the
circus artist. She is a director of the “Encuentro de malabaristas LÁNZALO” (inside the
project Culture +A + of Vila-real, Castellón) and she is the percussion musician and
chorus-singer of the theatrical concert LA PEPA EN ACÚSTIC.
She gives classes of dance and theatre in different schools of primary and secondary and
continues being employed at different artistic projects of diverse companies, festivals and
events as actress, dancer, of the circus artist, percussion musician, DJ, creative musical
and audio-visual.